If you could live your most meaningful life in retirement, what would that be? What would you do for your family? What endeavors would be truly worthwhile? Our mission is to help you wake up each day of your retirement knowing you’re living a purposeful life and doing the things that truly call to you. How we accomplish our mission is through the use of our proprietary process called The Harlow Way. It is a path we believe will get you to, through, and beyond retirement with confidence.


The Harlow WayTM: The Harlow Way starts with you. At Harlow Wealth Management, our mission is to help you find your most meaningful life, and then, we will hold you accountable to living it each day. This is what we call financial leadership. Our experience allows us to build a comprehensive financial plan designed to help your money last throughout retirement. We want you to know what is possible in your life and in your retirement.

This is The Harlow Way TM

The Harlow Way TM

Objective: Reduce Uncertainty
Desired Outcome: Confidence
  • Income Planning
  • Investment Planning
  • Tax Planning
  • Health Care Planning
  • Estate Planning
Objective: Thoroughly Review Your Retirement Plan
Desired Outcome: Peace of Mind
  • Strategic Relationships
  • Communication
  • Family Members
Objective: Help Meet Your Retirement Goals
Desired Outcome: Meaning and Purpose
  • For You
  • For Your Family
  • For Your Retirement

The Harlow Way TM

Through our retirement income strategies, we’ll help analyze your income needs to create a written income plan with the goal of making your money last a lifetime.


Investment management is crucial to helping you achieve your individual goals for the future. Our layered-risk approach is custom to you and your situation.


Tax-efficient strategies can help you defer and/or reduce your overall tax burden throughout retirement. Learn about the power of zero, and how we work toward the 0% tax bracket.

With so many options in the health care system, we take the time to review your health care options to help you create a plan that best matches your health and budget.

Help protect your assets and legacy for your loved ones, while helping you to direct the way in which your money is passed down. Our process includes strategies that help reduce taxes.


We get to know you and what holds true meaning and value for you and those you love. We help you build a written plan that addresses different areas of your wealth and to help provide confidence that your money can both last through retirement and empower you to do the things that call to you.


We coordinate the people involved in carrying out your plan. Our goal is to offer you some peace of mind by knowing that we strive to implement your plan in a thoughtful manner. Our process begins with coordinating the professionals that will help carry out various aspects of your plan, such as attorneys, CPAs and more; they are our trusted partners. This also includes developing a relationship with your family and guiding the family members who are assigned to carry your plan forward, so they will know how to do so in a way that is true to the legacy you’ve established.


The purpose of a well-done plan is not only about preserving your wealth. For us, it is about freeing you to live your most purposeful life. We hold regular meetings to keep our connection strong, helping you make important decisions along the way and implementing any new goals or endeavors you may want to include in your plan. We want to help you by being a strong supporter while you pursue the things in your life that are meaningful — for you, for your family and for your retirement.



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