Do you have superior client service skills and a great work ethic that you want to contribute to an established and continually growing financial advisory business? We are looking for strong, detail-orientated people to join our team. Our formula for success is to put our clients first. If you’re looking for the tools, resources and freedom to build a great future, please contact us today!


1. Do Your Job Well

We believe in the power of expertise and diligence in each individual's role within our organization. Everyone should strive to perform their tasks exceptionally well, as this contributes to the overall success of our team and satisfaction of our clients.


2. Better Together

This core value underscores the importance of mutual contribution and assistance within our firm. It encourages a culture of collaboration and teamwork, where every member of the organization plays an integral part in helping each other to achieve collective success.


3. “Pick Up the Phone”

This core value strongly emphasizes the importance of adopting a "Client First" orientation in all our operations, with the aim of providing a level of service that is nothing short of first-class. It is about going beyond the norm and making an extra effort to ensure that our clients feel valued and prioritized. Small yet impactful actions, such as deciding to make a phone call to a client to discuss a matter more personally instead of opting for impersonal communication methods like sending an email, can make a significant difference. Such actions help to build stronger relationships, instill trust, and create a positive perception of our brand, thereby leading to client loyalty and satisfaction.


4. Positive, Flexible, and Kind (PFK)

Given the significant time we spend collaborating with our co-workers, it becomes crucial to maintain an attitude that is not only positive but also flexible and kind. This approach enlivens the workplace environment, fosters better communication, and aids in the resolution of conflicts, ultimately contributing to our collective success.


5. Stay Calm & Carry On

Challenging situations in the workplace are unavoidable, and they often lead to an increased level of stress. These instances, although difficult, offer an opportunity for growth and learning. When they occur, it's important to maintain composure, staying calm in the face of adversity. Demonstrating resilience by persevering through these tough situations is not only beneficial for personal development, but it also contributes to a healthier, more positive work environment.


6. Better Every Day

This core value is all about the commitment to continuous improvement. We believe there's always room for enhancement, whether it's in our personal growth, professional skills, or the quality of service we provide to our clients. We encourage our team members to adopt a mindset of lifelong learning, to always strive for better, and to view each new day as an opportunity to improve and evolve. Whether it's learning a new skill, improving our work efficiency, or finding new ways to exceed client expectations, we aspire to make each day better than the one before.




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