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Financial Planning Terms and Glossary

At Harlow Wealth Management, we have decades of experience in financial planning and have developed a proprietary process that is comprehensive and thorough. As we work with you to plan for your retirement, build your wealth and leave a legacy for your family, we want you to be educated and involved. We’ve put together a glossary to help you better understand what is happening with your hard earned assets.

Annuity: An annuity is a contract between you and an insurance company that requires the insurer to make payments to you, either immediately or in the future. You buy an annuity by making either a single payment or a series of payments. Similarly, your payout may come either as one lump-sum payment or as a series of payments over time.

Estate Planning: With federal and state laws in mind, estate planning is the process by which we organize your assets in an effort maximize them while you are alive and to ensure that they are distributed properly after your passing. For more comprehensive estate planning services, like creating a trust, you should always consult a licensed attorney.

Liquidity: If you have investments in stocks and bonds, but need a quick influx of cash, liquidity is important. Some investors need access to their funds within a short period. Investments that offer liquidity provide this access to investors.

Financial Planning: Identifying and planning for short and long-term financial goals and how to reach them. Financial planning may include many aspects of personal finance including investing, taxes, estate planning, retirement, insurance and cash flow management.

Social Security: Social Security is a program put in place by the federal government that offers disability and retirement benefits to American workers, and is paid for throughout your life through payroll taxes.

Investing: We grow your money with investments in things such as stocks, real estate, bonds and mutual funds. Investments grow in the form of capital gains or dividend payments.

Fixed Expenses: These are expenses that you have every month, such as car loans or house payments.

Flexible Expenses: Expenses like gifts, transportation, and food that change every month.

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We know this is just a start to answering all the questions you have about growing and preserving your wealth over time. Our financial advisors stand ready to meet with you and discuss your goals when you schedule a visit.

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