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Annuity FAQ

Comprehensive financial planning is an essential part of ensuring a sound retirement. Adding an annuity to your overall portfolio can be an excellent strategy to ensure a reliable source of income. If you aren't sure how this type of product works or what the benefits are Harlow Wealth Management can help. Look through these common questions and answers to get a better understanding of how annuities work.

What Is an Annuity?

The goal of this vehicle is to provide you with a stable income that will last throughout your whole retirement. It's a long-term insurance contract that is used for retirement income. You provide the insurance company a certain financial sum and receive regular fixed payments in return. Depending on the terms of the contact, you may receive payments for your entire life or for a fixed period of time.

What Are the Different Types of Annuities?

Here at Harlow Wealth Management, we offer three types of annuities: fixed, fixed index, and immediate. Each one has unique benefits, so it's wise to consult with a financial professional to determine the most appropriate option for your situation.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Annuities?

As with any financial product, there are advantages and challenges. Some pros are:

  • Tax-deferred compounding interest until you begin receiving income
  • Reliable income throughout retirement
  • Guaranteed growth and interest rates that are backed by the insurance company who issued the annuity

On the other hand, there are some cons, such as:

  • Lower growth potential via interest credits
  • Beneficiaries owe income tax on deferred interest credits
  • Surrender charges for early withdrawals

Which One Is Suitable for You?

There are several factors that affect the amount of income you can receive through annuities when you decide to annuitize (or begin receiving payments), including your age, gender, and interest rates at the time you purchase the contract. Working with a qualified financial professional is the best way to learn about all the available options and figure out which one fits within your overall retirement strategy.

How To Get Started

If you're ready to learn more about annuities and determine the financial strategy that's best for you, call Harlow Wealth Management today at 800-782-2136.

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